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Ms. Nerago Ndoroma

 Ms. Nerago Ndoroma 

The Projects Office was established to define and maintain the standards and processes related to the management of NCAA’s projects. The section’s core objective is to provide a stable project management framework that supports the Authority in realigning and consolidating all strategic activities into projects with the aim of improving the probability of successful delivery of all its services and compliance obligations. The Project Office also aims to re-align and consolidate ad hoc organisational initiatives whilst ensuring focus within the different functions.
This re-alignment will enable NCAA to continue providing first-rate regulatory services to the aviation industry whilst the reform processes are ongoing. The Project Office also aims to provide project management services, guidance and support to the various departments in implementing ad-hoc intra-departmental ad-hoc initiatives and running them according to project management best practices. An additional function performed by the Project Office is Facilities Management Support for the NCAA Headquarters.

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