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Mrs. Maria T. Haipinge

 Mrs. Maria T. Haipinge 

The Authority‘s ability to execute its mandate hinges on financial sustainability. The establishment of the NCAA as a separate juristic person and entity-not-for-gain on 1 November 2016 led to the ongoing support by Government through subsidisation of the aviation industry in air navigation and safety oversight activities. This resulted in the need to amend outdated charges to the aviation industry for the first time since 2006 in order to cover operational and expected capital costs.

The new charges and fees are cost-based, non- discriminatory and based on ‘user pay’ principles. Government will be approached to make appropriation provision for recovery of ‘public good’ surveillance costs. The cost of developing and supporting the regulatory framework should be borne by the industry using the ‘user pays’ and the ‘capacity to pay’ as the driving principles (as well as normal international practice).
You can find out banking details and all corresponding information in this Aeronautical Information Circular (AIC):