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About Namibia Civil Aviation Authority

About NCAA
Namibia Civil Aviation Authority

The NCAA, a State-Owned Enterprise established in terms of the Civil Aviation Act, 2016, with the mandate to regulate and oversee the safety and security system within Namibia and to provide safe and reliable air navigation services, herewith commits to provide fair and professional service to its customers.


The NCAA‘s key role is to conduct the safety and security regulation of civil air operations in Namibia’s airspace and to provide air navigation services to all airspace users. In fulfilling our responsibilities, the NCAA endeavours to assure a safe, orderly, regular, and efficient civil aviation system. We recognise the importance of our stakeholders and the role we have to play in the development of an efficient civil aviation system in Namibia.


Aircraft Accident/Incidence Investigation has been separated from the NCAA to ensure independent investigation and
the Chief Aircraft Accident/Incident Investigator reports directly to the Minister of Works and Transport.
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The Air Navigation Services Units is a provider of Air Navigation Services at NCAA. Its key role is to provide air navigational services to all airspace users...
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The Regulatory Body is a provider of Aviation Regulatory Oversight. Its key role is to provide and enhance, control, regulate and promote sustainable, internationally compliant regulatory oversight...
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As stated in the Civil Aviation Act, the objectives of the NCAA are as follows:
  •   Oversee the functioning and development of the civil aviation industry in an efficient and economical manner with due regard given to the maintenance of standards in the civil aviation industry;
  •   Oversee the implementation of, and compliance with, the national aviation security programme;
  •   Control, regulate and promote civil aviation safety and security;
  •   Perform its functions in the most efficient and effective manner to ensure the preservation of safety and security of civil aviation in a way that contributions to the aim of achieving an integrated, safe, responsive and sustainable transportation system;
  •   Monitor and ensure compliance with the Act and the Chicago Convention and other international civil aviation agreements applicable to Namibia;


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The Namibia Civil Aviation Authority - (NCAA) is commitment to sustainability of the following principles:


We will maintain high ethical standards and approach issues professionally, without bias and in a transparent manner to win the trust of all our stakeholders.


We will be transparent about the costs which we impose on the industry and keep our safety and security regulations simple and user friendly. We will determine service delivery levels and live by them.


We will continually strive to achieve the highest standards. We will benchmark ourselves against international leading best practice.


We will listen to our customers and ensure our services match stakeholder needs and reasonable expectations. We will be responsive to all stakeholder requests and will strive to exceed their expectations on each and every interaction.