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Ms. Tuyeimo Martin

Ms. Tuyeimo Martin  

The NCAA regards its employees as its biggest assets, and human capital remains the most critical part of the NCAA and its operations. The Human Resources Section is well established to support the core function of the NCAA. It is tasked with appointing employees with a view to assist the NCAA in fulfilling its mandate in terms of the Civil Aviation Act No 6 of 2016. The NCAA is committed to striking a balance between the number of operational staff needed to ensure that Namibia is responsive to its safety and security oversight obligations and what is financially feasible, given its commitment to fulfilling its mandate.

During the past year, the Authority was staffed by a combination of MWT (DCA)-seconded personnel and ‘national’ staff contracted through ICAO. Additional staffing was provided by contracted staff, International Advisors and Operational Experts.

The NCAA has an approved staff structure of 222 positions for the 5-year Business and Financial Plan period 2017/18-2021/22. The staffing objective for the next financial year is to fill the remaining number of the approved staff complement. The recruitment and continuous training of personnel, including licensed air traffic controllers, is a significant area of focus for the NCAA.

Current Staff Complement

The Human Resources section ensures that there is harmony in complying with the relevant laws between employer and employees, that employees are adequately equipped and resourced, and that staff loyalty and commitment remain high as our staff execute their duties.

Employee Wellness

As a means of promoting staff wellness once all staff are on board, the NCAA has contracted NMC as the service provider for medical care. The Human Resources department is planning to host a wellness day for employees to have an opportunity to have a free assessment of their general health provided by NMC.

ANS Bursary Program

The NCAA Air Navigation Services (ANS) initiated a bursary programme in 2018 which provided bursaries for Namibian nationals to train as Air Traffic Controllers (ATC) (20 persons), Aeronautical Information Officers (AIO) (6 persons) and Air traffic Safety Electronics Personnel (ATSEP) (12 persons) over a period of three years. Training commenced at the beginning of 2019 with planned completion in 2021.

The first group of ATC and ATSEP bursary holders will complete academic training in March 2020, followed by 6 months of on-the-job training and on successful completion of their training, be considered for employment and deployment to those operation units where staff are required.

The AIO group of bursary holders will complete their academic training in September 2019. Followed by 6 months of on-the-job training and on successful completion of their training, be considered for employment and deployment in the Aeronautical Information Service Centre located at the ANS facilities at Eros airport.

Training & Development

The NCAA believes in staff development and engagement. All newly appointed NCAA staff members are scheduled to attend the following important trainings in order to adopt the NCAA culture:

  • Collaborating with Change training
  • Formal NCAA induction training
  • Customer service training

The objective is to assist the new employees to collaborate with change in the new environment, to ensure that standardised processes are followed and adhered to during the change management process. It is also important to acquaint new employees with the mandate, culture, job procedures and policies.

Creating a sense of belonging and setting the standards of required behaviour and performance. The customer service training is aimed to build a new customer centric culture, developed a service attitude and mindset aimed at the internal and external customer service and professionalism.

HR Team: (From L to R: ) Tuyeimo N, Beverley S, Maria T, David U

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