Flight Operations (OPS)
The Flight Operations Section established under the new Authority performs the Civil Aviation tasks of Flight Operations Regulation, Certification and Maintaining regular Surveillance and Enforcement of the Operational and Safety aspects of all air operators and aviation service providers in relation to aircraft operations in order to ensure safe, and efficient commercial air transport services in Namibia and internationally in compliance with the State obligations under the Chicago Convention.  
These Flight Operations regulation, Certification, surveillance and enforcement activities covers: 
  • Namibian Air Operator Certificate (AOC)’Holders s operating scheduled and non-scheduled services 
  • Foreign air operators for scheduled operations into Namibia under Foreign Operator Permit issued by NCAA
  • General Aviation
  • Aerial Works 
  • Recreational Aviation 
These operation includes both fixed wing aircraft and Rotary wings production built and amateur aircraft, manned balloons, gyroplanes, airship, gliders and powered gliders, UAV/RPAS. The Section ensures that certification, approvals and authorizations granted by the NCAA are in accordance with the Namibian Civil Aviation Regulations (NAMCARs) as amended and in compliance with the latest ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPS). Surveillance, Audits, and ad hoc Inspections of air operators are carried out to ensure full compliance as part of the State safety oversight obligations. 
The Air Operator Certificate (AOC) provides the basis for a Contracting State to regulate the activities of air operators and the means for the contracting State to authorize an air operator to commence operations and to exercise the continued safety oversight of the operator. Some of the recommendations made by ICAO for Namibia following various audits was to conduct, as an immediate action, a structured evaluation of the air operators that have been issued with an AOC, and subsequently implement corrective actions to establish a comprehensive certification, surveillance and enforcements procedures. 
The NAMCARs as amended, in conjunction with ICAO guidance materiel, re-emphasize that the issuance of an AOC by an ICAO contracting State will be dependent upon the operator demonstrating an adequate organization, method of control and supervision of flight operations, training programme, as well as ground handling, maintenance management and maintenance arrangements, consistent with the nature and extent of the operations specified. This exercise is undertaken through a five (5) Phases process. If the operator is found competent, an AOC will be issued for a longer period, together with operations specifications, detailing the commercial air transport operations authorized.

Main duties of Flight Operations (OPS) Section

  • Revision and Maintenance of Flight Operations Regulations, Directives and Implementing Standards Procedures, Advisory, Orders, Forms and Check-lists  
  • Revision and Maintenance of Flight Operations Handbooks 
  • Air Operator Certification and Air Operator Registry 
  • Air Operator Risk Profile 
  • Air Operator Safety Management System 
  • Special Approvals and Operations Specifications 
  • Foreign Operator Validation, Surveillance and Registry 
  • Surveillance of Namibian air operators 
  • Designator Examiner Surveillance 
  • Aircraft Operations Safety and Oversight 
  • Safe handling and Transport of Dangerous Goods  
  • Cabin Safety, Oversight and Inspection 
  • Air Operator Security Measures 
  • Dispatch and Operational Control 
  • Approval and Monitoring AOC Holder training programme 
  • Station facility Inspections and evaluation/approvals of flight training simulator 
  • Ramp Inspections 
  • Inspection reports Database 
  • AOC ’Holders Compliance Database 
  • Resolution of Safety issues 
  • Industry Seminar and Workshops 
  • ICAO Continuous Monitoring Approach/Online Framework

Staff contact details
Vicky Mombola
(Chief - Flight Operations)
+264 83 235 2464
- OPS Section Supervision and Management 
- Safety Oversight OPS Audit Area 
- ICAO Annexes Compliance and State Letter 
- OPS Inspector Capacity Building and OJT
Helena Mutikisha 
(Support Administration)
+264 832352466
- Desk Office Coordination 
- Travel and Training plan support 
- Section Documentation
Simon Kawo
(Senior Flight Inspector)
+264 ????
- Certification Compliance 
- AOC Application 
- Air Operator Document Review 
- Principal Inspectors 
- Assignment & Standardization
Danielle Bruckert
(Senior Flight Inspector)
+264 83 235 2468
- Certification Compliance 
- AOC Application 
- Air Operator Document Review 
- Principal Inspectors 
- Assignment & Standardization
Captain Richard Becker 
(Senior ICAO Inspector)
+264 83 235 2467
- Aircraft Operations Surveillance-Audit 
- Air Operator Risk Profile 
- Air Operator Training 
- Air Operator SMS
Captain Michael Schubert 
(Senior ICAO Inspector) 
+264 83 235 2469
- Inspectors Training System 
- Corporate Aviation 
- General Aviation 
- Aerial Work 
- Recreational Aviation
(ICAO Inspecting Officer)
+264 83 235 2465
- Dangerous Goods 
- Ground Handling 
- Facility 
- Equipment 
- Documentation
Hildegard Olivier
(ICAO Cabin Safety Inspector)
+264 83 235 2463
- Cabin Safety 
- Security Measures 
- Crew Scheduling 
- Ramp Operations and Inspection