The primary mandate of the Personnel Licensing department is to ensure that Namibian aviation license holders are adequately trained, licensed and oversighted as prescribed in Namibia Civil Aviation Act (Act No. 6 of 2016) and subsequent Namibia Civil Aviation Regulations (Part 60-67 and 141).


The main functions of the PEL department include the following:

  • Development and amendment of operational regulations and technical standards pursuant to the Civil Aviation Act No. 6 of 2016.
  • Development and maintenance of technical guidance material for the industry to ensure compliance.
  • Conduct theoretical examinations and practical skills tests for flight crew, aircraft maintenance personnel and Cabin Crew.
  • Licensing of flight crew, aircraft maintenance personnel, Cabin Crew and Air Traffic Services.
  • Certification of Aviation Training Organizations.
  • Oversight over aviation medical examiners.


Our Examiners

  • Oversight Flight Examiners (OFE) - tba
  • Designated Flight Examiners (DFE) - tba
  • Designated Cabin Safety Examiners (DCSE) - tba
  • Designated Radiotelephony Examiner (DRE) - tba
  • Designated Aviation Medical Examiners (DAME) - tba


Our Section Documents


Our Organisation

The Namibia Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) conducts the safety and security regulation of civil air operations in Namibia’s airspace, as well as provides air navigational services to all airspace users. Visit us at:

4 Rudolph Hertzog Street
Windhoek, Namibia

Phone: +264 83 2352000
Fax: +264 83 2352301

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