Personnel Licensing (PEL) is a department within the Safety Division. The Senior Manager Personnel Licensing (SM: PEL) reports to the General Manager Safety and is responsible for the oversight of ICAO Annex 1 requirements.

The PEL Department must carry out many functions/tasks which are normally organized around five major functional areas: licensing and examinations (flight crew, aircraft maintenance personnel and Cabin Crew), oversight of training and examiners, regulatory system, and administration.  Licensing and examination tasks cover the routine tasks associated with the administration of aviation theoretical knowledge examinations and the issuance and maintenance of personnel licences.

The oversight function cover the activities related to the certification, approval and surveillance of training organizations (or schools), including training programmes as well as the oversight of Designated Examiners in the categories of : 1) medical, 2) flight, 3) cabin crew, 4) AME, 5) ATS examiners; and 6) Oversight Examiners.   It includes reviews and the approval of procedures, equipment, personnel, and facilities utilised.

Regulatory tasks cover the development and maintenance of the regulatory system for personnel licensing and include the drafting and amending laws and regulations, enforcing those laws and regulations; and implementing procedures, considering global best practices and applicable quality standards.

The effective implementation of processes to proactively ensure that aviation licence, certificate, authorization and/or approval holders continue to meet the established requirements and function at the level of competency and safety required by the NCAA is called Surveilance.  This includes the surveillance of designated personnel who perform safety oversight functions on behalf of the NCAA.


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