NCAA Board of Directors


The Board has been constituted in accordance with the provisions under section 12 of the Act. The Board of Directors comprises four non-executive Board Members and the Executive Director, and four alternate members. The Board discharges its fiduciary responsibilities directly and through committees according to provisions of the Act  Civil Aviation Act 2016 (819.56 KB)

  • Every director is required to periodically sign a declaration of interest and to declare at every meeting of the Board or any Board Committee any likely conflict regarding a matter before the Board/Committee.
  • The Board is appointed for a term not exceeding four years, except for the Chairperson whose term of office is for five years. Any member may be reappointed after the end of their term, but may not be appointed for more than three consecutive terms.
  • The Executive Director holds office by virtue of being employed as chief executive officer of the NCAA. The Executive Director’s term of office on the Board is determined by his/her period of contract as employee in this capacity.
  • In accordance with the competency requirements set out in the Act, the Board of Directors must hold recognised qualifications relevant to the operations, management, security or regulations of civil aviation, and two of the Board members must hold recognised legal and financial management qualifications with associated experience of not less than seven years each, and are required to be Namibian citizens.
  • Compensation for the Board, reflected in the Income Statement of the Annual Financial Statements (and published in the  Annual Report 2020/2021 (6.99 MB) ), include prescribed sitting and retainer fees, payment for chairing Board Committees, reimbursement of travel and related business expenses, among others.

The new Namibia Civil Aviation Authority Board of Directors was appointed on the 4th of November 2020, and is composed of the following members:

  • Mr Bethuel Mujetenga - Chairperson
  • Mrs Kadiva Hamutumwa - Deputy Chairperson | Chairperson: Human Resources Committee
  • Mr Melkizeldek Uupindi, Chairperson: Safety, Security, Regulatory and Legal Committee
  • Ms Josephine Amukwa
  • Mr Fernando Somaeb, Chairperson: Audit and Risk Committee
  • Mrs Martha Hitenanye

As provided for in Section 20 of the Act, the Board has established three Board Committees, with each having an approved terms of reference to efficiently manage the Authority’s business. The Board committees are chaired by Board members and may invite attendance of other persons with the necessary knowledge and skills in specified instances. The Committee system is structured as follows:

  • Safety, Security, Regulatory and Legal Committee - to advise the NCAA Board in the exercise of its powers and performance of its functions in relation to the safety, security, regulatory and legal matters.
    • Mr Melkizeldek Uupindi (Chairperson)
    • Mr Bethuel Mujetenga
    • Mrs Martha Hitenanye
    • Ms Josephine Amukwa
  • Human Resources Committee - to oversee the implementation of both the human resources strategy and the remuneration strategy to ensure performance, as well as to attract, retain and motivate human resources of a standard and calibre on which the Authority depends.
    • Mrs Kadiva Hamutumwa (Chairperson)
    • Ms Josephine Amukwa
    • Mrs Martha Hitenanye
  • Audit & Risk Committee - to safeguard assets, evaluating internal control frameworks, ICT governance, and ensuring that financial and non-financial risks are managed. It also monitors the accuracy of the financial statements and oversees the financial reporting process in order to ensure the management of financial risk is carried out.
    • Mr Fernando Somaeb (Chairperson)
    • Mr Melkizeldek Uupindi
    • Mrs Kadiva Hamutumwa

This Board of Directors was promulgated in Government Gazette #6164 of 1 November 2016  Government Gazette 6164 (315.52 KB)

  • Kosmas Egumbo, Chairperson | Member: Audit and Risk Committee
    • Mr Egumbo is the Group Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of Old Mutual Life Assurance Company (Namibia) Limited. Prior to this position, he served as Managing Director of Air Namibia. He holds BSc in Electrical Engineering, Diploma in Business Management, and a Leadership and Development Certificate.
  • Reinhard Gärtner, Deputy Chairperson | Chairperson: Safety, Security, Regulatory and Legal Committee | NCAA Interim Executive Director 2019-2020
    • Mr Gärtner is the CEO of Emergence Growth Namibia. With a BSc and MBA degree to his credit and various aviation-related certificates and ratings, he spent a many years in corporate management before entering the private sector, successfully running his own companies in the aviation and tourism sector
  • Matilda Jankie, Position: Board Member | Chairperson: Human Resources Committee
    • Ms Jankie is an admitted Legal Practitioner of the High Court of Namibia (2004) and a conveyancer. She graduated with B-Juris and LL.B (Hons) at the University of Namibia.
  • Emma Kantema-Goamas, Position: Board Member | Chairperson: Audit and Risk Committee
    • Ms Kantema-Goamas is currently the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Youth and Sport. Qualified with a MBA, she was previously the Corporate Secretary of the Social Security Commission.
  • Uno Katjipuka-Sibolile, Position: Alternate Board Member | Member: Safety, Security, Regulatory and Legal Committee
    • Ms Katjipuka-Sibolile (LLB) is an admitted Legal Practitioner of the High Court of Namibia and a partner at Nixon Marcus Public Law Office.
  • Uanjenua Katjiuanjo, Position: Alternate Board Member | Member: Safety, Security, Regulatory and Legal Committee
    • Ms Katjiuanjo is currently the Manager: Operations Control at Standard Bank Namibia. She has a post-graduate qualification in accounting and finance from the University of Cape Town.
  • Ignasius Thudiyane, Position: Alternate Board Member | Member: Human Resources Committee
    • Mr Thudiyane is a legal practitioner and is currently the Chief Executive Officer of the Municipality of Gobabis. Previously he was the Manager: Community Affairs at the Municipality of Walvis Bay.
  • Angeline Simana, Position: Ex officio Board Member | NCAA Executive Director 2016-2019
    • Ms Simana holds a MPhil (Transport and Logistics) from the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa, a BEconomics from University of Namibia, and a Diploma in Aviation Management from Singapore Aviation Academy. She started her professional career with the Ministry of Works and Transport as a Transport Economist in 2000, then being promoted to Deputy Director Transportation Policy in 2006 and Director Transportation Policy and Regulation in 2007.




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