A Service Industry within NCAA



The primary mandate of the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) department is to provide vision and leadership for developing and implementing information and communication technologies. The department is responsible for the planning and implementation of enterprise ICT systems in support of NCAA operations in order to improve cost effectiveness, service quality, and NCAA business development.


The main functions of the ICT department include the following:

  • Administration of the organization’s Information Technology systems
  • Management/ Maintenance of all PC-based, server-based, and cloud-based equipment and applications deployed in the organization
  • Configuration and maintenance of all printing infrastructure, network and endpoint security, telecommunications equipment, gateways and switchgear, telephony and user management.
  • Configuration, maintenance and administration of the Access control system and CCTV
  • Database Administration, systems administration and performing backups
  • Development and Implementation of the organization’s ICT policies
  • Providing Technical support to all users who need access to the company’s computer systems




Our Organisation

The Namibia Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) conducts the safety and security regulation of civil air operations in Namibia’s airspace, as well as provides air navigational services to all airspace users. Visit us at:

4 Rudolph Hertzog Street
Windhoek, Namibia

Phone: +264 83 2352000
Fax: +264 83 2352301

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