Aviation Security (AVSEC)
Objective of Aviation Security

The safety of passengers, crew, ground personnel and the general public in all matters related to safeguarding against acts of unlawful interference with civil aviation 
Legislation & Regulations

Part 108: Acceptance of Cargo 
Part 109: Aviation Security Training 
Part 110 Aviation Security Screener 
Part 111 Aviation Security –General 
Part 112 Aircraft Passenger Identification 
Part 113 Security Service Certification 

Chief Aviation Security: Julian Gouws (Acting)  
Tel: +26461 7022206
Cell: +264 812757830 
E-mail: gouwsj@dca.com.na

Quality Control Inspectors David Nanyemba 
Tel: +264 61 702203 
Cell: +264 811223355 
E mail: nanyembad@dca.com.na

Cargo & Mail Inspector Festus Mpuka 
Tel: +264 61 702204 
Cell: +264 811400404  
E mail: mpukaf@dca.com.na